Natural Skincare

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Introducing handcrafted organic skincare line infused with broad spectrum Hemp Oil “MaguBeauty”, named after Chinese caretaker goddess for the Hemp herb that she primarily used as the healing plant. 

I’ve always loved natural lifestyle: foraging and gardening, cooking from scratch, fishing, crafting, therefore wildschooling my three kids on a perfect farm setting of San Luis Valley in Colorodo, where my dear husband grows acres of organic  medical Hemp. I’ve been growing hemp and making organic skincare products as a gifts for my friends and family, they all have been telling me how good they are and that I should start selling them. I have mixed most beneficial facial ingredients like sea buckthorn and carrot seed oils, Vitamin E, steeped my homegrown lemongrass in argan oil, combined nourishing kokum and shea butters with raw honey and beeswax that we collected from our farm beehives. Of course the prime component of my skincare is Hemp Oil that me and my husband grow from the seed and extract to get this most valuable therapeutic ingredient of all. 

Inspired by nature, I carefully chose only high quality ingredients, grow what I could myself and use only glass and wood materials for storing and packaging. 

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